As technology develops and evolves at lightning speed, having the right chiropractic billing software is vital for a successful practice. Not only does it enable office staff to easily maintain electronic health records, it also decreases billing and coding errors, and optimizes administrative and financial activities – which saves time and money.

The capabilities of effective chiropractic billing software are boundless, which means practices can enjoy a vast and ever-improving menu of features.

9 Benefits of a Chiropractic Billing Software

Below are some of the top benefits a first-rate practice management software program will provide.

1. Registration and Check-In Experience

Chiropractic billing software enables patients to type in and update their own information prior to their first appointment. This improves data accuracy from the very beginning of the patient registration process. With access to a patient portal (see below), patients can also use a self-registration kiosk in the waiting room. These capabilities enhance the overall patient experience, and include:

  • Paperless self-service patient intake and online registration
  • Bilingual support
  • Instant patient feedback for pain identification, location and symptoms
  • Efficient collection of Outcome Assessment progress data
  • Less wait time
  • Quicker patient check-in process with less paperwork
  • Time savings – the office staff doesn’t have to type in the very same information from paper forms
  • Reduced spelling and data errors

2. Patient Portal Access

Patients are accustomed to and expect the ability to communicate through patient portals, as it allows accessibility from anywhere at any time.

  • Doctors and office staff can interact with patients and other providers using HIPAA compliant secure messaging.
  • Providers can exchange clinical information with each other, and import content into patient files.
  • Chiropractors and staff can download and provide patient summaries and clinical information.

3. Improved Communication

Patients of all ages have higher expectations regarding communication with healthcare providers. Billing software featuring patient portals provide communication features that meet those expectations, like:

  • Notifications and reminders via text message or email.
  • Email reminders that include various attachments and forms which must be completed for the patient’s first visit.
  • Links to your practice’s OPR site that enable patients to complete content online. This can include demographics, work information and basic Insurance information.
  • Peace of mind from identity theft with secure Private Health Information (PHI).

4. Scheduling Efficiency

Chiropractic staff can easily schedule appointments – and quickly reschedule them if necessary – with higher efficiency and flexibility. In addition, they can:

  • Track and manage patient appointments with ease
  • Fully customize a scheduling format
  • Personalize schedules by provider, resource and location
  • Send appointment reminders in text and email format

5. Streamlined Bill Paying

Staff and patients can streamline the bill-paying process with chiropractic billing software. For example:

  • Users can process credit card payments through CG integration.
  • Monthly payment schedules can be created, which means less of a hassle for your staff, since they don’t have to remember to process the payments.
  • Special payments can be easily processed. For example, monthly yoga class subscriptions can be added to a patient’s billing statement.
  • Patients can log into their portal and process balance payments.

All-in-One Chiropractic Software

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6. Cloud-Based Services

Chiropractic offices that rely on in-house servers are at risk, as data takes much longer to restore – or can be lost forever. The safe and smart alternative is cloud-based services. This option provides peace of mind and means:

  • No disruptions. Your current software and data will be transferred to a web server located in a remote data center, and also maintained in a secondary redundant server that runs parallel to your system. If the primary server stops functioning, the redundant server will automatically go live.
  • Less maintenance. Your data will be protected from viruses, and you’ll never have to worry about Windows updates, backing up data, upgrading IT equipment, updating operating systems or scheduling server maintenance.
  • Unlimited access. Your doctors and administrators will have secure, 24/7 access to your software from anywhere via the internet. You can work remotely, which increases flexibility and productivity.
  • Daily backups. Software and data management partners will back-up your practice data daily, ensuring that you’ll have all your records intact, even if disaster strikes.
  • Constant support. A reputable software management company will not only host your server, it will also provide help, training, licensing, system security and software updates.

7. Reduced Issues with Claims

A variety of issues with claims can be avoided from the very beginning of the process with chiropractic billing software that can:

  • Automatically verify insurance eligibility for new and returning patients.
  • Pre-authorize requirements for some insurance plans.
  • Run regular accounts receivable reports to pinpoint outstanding claims.
  • Enable staff to readily identify which claims have been paid and which require follow-up.
  • Send immediate alerts if a patient’s insurance has reached the maximum number of visits.
  • Ensure you don’t miss filing deadlines for claims.

8. Faster reimbursement

Chiropractic billing software will allow healthcare billers and coders to access remittance and claim advice reports, look up insurance information forms, and speed up the overall billing process.

9. Fully Automated EHR Workflow

EHR software that is designed specifically for chiropractic use has industry-exclusive diagnostic notes, and provides a structured flow to help meet medical necessity.
In addition, you’ll benefit from:

  • Pre-set and customizable chiropractic templates and libraries
  • Balance between speed and compliance
  • Functional goals driven from outcomes assessments
  • Paperless admission
  • User-friendly tools, like point and click visual helpers and wizards
  • Customized clinical reports
  • Medically necessary documentation for chiropractic insurance claims
  • Intuitive notes, charting and guided documentation
  • Easy-access to patient data at a glance
  • Simple to use SOAP Notes

Practice management software streamlines processes and makes it easier for chiropractors and office staff to focus on what matters most – patient health.

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