ACOM Health’s essential comprehensive coding, billing and reimbursement guide for chiropractic services. In this chiropractic billing guide, we will provide you with a guide to handle the ever-changing landscape of chiropractic billing. While we do offer a chiropractic billing service, we have decided to share our chiropractic billing secrets. We will be updating this guide continuously including a big update at the beginning of 2020 so bookmark this URL for reference.

Complete Guide to Chiropractic Billing in 2020

Successful chiropractic coding and billing practices have a number of elements in common. They include savvy practice management, healthy accounts receivables, a properly trained staff, and the ability to properly code and document diagnoses – and that’s just for starters.

We’ve compiled our best resources to help you navigate the complicated landscape of chiropractic medical billing. Whether your main goal is to increase monthly revenue, decrease your denied claims, or simply improve your practice, this guide will help you get there.

Chiropractic Office Management

You can’t implement a streamlined chiropractic billing system if your office is not being managed efficiently. As a benefit, the two systems are interdependent upon one another. Strong office management will benefit your billing system and an effective chiropractic billing system will improve your office management. If you get these two in balance, your practice will achieve great success. A streamlined and efficient financial process is crucial for any successful practice, and key to a healthy revenue cycle. Check out these seven monthly revenue tips that will improve your financial process and ultimately free up more time to focus on what matters – your patients.

They are:


Accounts Receivable: Chiropractic Billing Tips

Here’s your chance to immediately improve your cash flow. In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn from Brandy Brimhall, an expert in chiropractic billing, coding and compliance. She will teach you how to:

  • communicate the value of accounts receivables with your billing department.
  • improve your accounts receivables with efficient, over-the-counter collections tools.
  • avoid common errors causing delays in claims.

Brandy is a sought after speaker at state and national chiropractic conferences and is a regular contributor to multiple chiropractic publications. She is a Certified Professional Coder, Certified Professional Compliance Officer, Certified ChiroCode Professional Coder, Certified Medical Compliance Officer, and Certified Professional Medical Auditor.


CPT Coding & Documentation

Proper coding and documentation for the most common diagnoses. Chiropractors typically diagnose only a few types of musculoskeletal conditions. In this presentation by Dr. Evan Gwilliam, you’ll learn the code options, code detail considerations, common diagnostic tests and top procedure code linkage. You’ll also see sample subjective and objective documentation for muscle conditions, headaches, radiculopathy, and pain. Dr. Gwilliam, D.C., MBA, CPC, NCICS, CCPC, CPC-I-MCS-P, CPMA, has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Master’s of Business Administration. He is one of the few clinicians who became a certified ICD-10 Instructor through the American Academy of Professional Coders.

Tips for billing codes. These top five tips for chiropractic procedure codes will help you with everything from tracking less attention from auditors, to learning the deeper meaning of codes and modifiers.

Tips for billing lower limb orthoses. Based on information available from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), here’s a guide for ordering lower limb orthoses that details denial prevention, and includes codes that are covered by Medicare.

CPT coding for mechanical traction versus CMT. Find out more about why some payers are denying Mechanical Traction (CPT Code 97012) on the same date of service as the Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT 98940-98942). This includes an action plan and possible solutions.

Audits & Auditors

One of the biggest fears for chiropractors and billing personnel is being audited. Unfortunately, your claim forms and billing patterns might be raising all kinds of bright red flags to the wrong people. Avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention with better billing patterns, and the tools you already have that will keep your practice billing protected, and help you avoid scrutiny.

Learn more about the seven elements to payable claims, along with:

  • Common causes for billing errors
  • How coding is a different language
  • The importance of modifiers
  • The impact of claim forms

Professional Chiropractic Billing Services

Outsourced chiropractic billing services can relieve the burden of in-house billing, so your office staff can spend their energy and time on what matters: patient care. In addition, billing experts – coupled with effective software – can help improve your cash flow, practice productivity and patient experience.

Explore whether partnering with insurance billing experts is right for you. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased reimbursements
  • Quicker claim payments
  • Reduced billing headaches
  • Eliminated billing errors
  • Steadier cash flow
  • Increased patient retention

Cloud-based Chiropractic Software

Losing chiropractic office data can leave chiropractic businesses devastated. The inability to quickly recover and restore patient records, billing information, financial documents and other critical files can result in financial peril and a dwindling patient list. This is where Cloud-based Chiropractic Software demonstrates it’s value. Afterall, it’s 2020, and cloud storage is a perfected standard. Just ask Twitter and Google.

Cloud hosting

Chiropractic offices that rely on in-house servers are particularly at risk, as data takes much longer to restore – or can be lost forever. The safer and smarter alternative? Cloud-based services. This option is beneficial for number of reasons, including:

  • No disruptions
  • Less maintenance
  • Unlimited access
  • Daily backups
  • Constant support


Is In-House or Outsourced Billing Best for You?

Your billing and collections systems are part of the heartbeat of your practice. Have you found yourself teetering on the idea of outsourcing the billing for your practice? Yet, at the same time, are you feeling a bit apprehensive about handing the reins over to another person or company to manage this critical function?

Let us help evaluate what’s best for your office.

Rules for Rendering Unproven, Investigational or Experimental Procedures

Improving documentation, selecting proper codes and minimizing your practice risk when performing procedures in this category. If you haven’t reviewed your state guidelines or taken a recent look at third-party payer policies on unproven, investigational or experimental procedures, now is the perfect time to make sure you’re up to speed with this important information. Most providers are surprised to see commonly used devices or techniques listed in this category. Review now.

Billing Know-How

Free billing quiz. Just how well do you and your staff know about billing? Are you a pro, or do you have room for improvement? Find out how your and your practice are doing with this free billing and collections quiz.

Training opportunities. Nothing beats conferences, webinars and other training opportunities to make sure you and your staff are staying up on billing trends and best practices. Find out ways to expand your knowledge and learn more with this ongoing list of events and educational resources.

Medicare Contractor Links. The following Medicare Carriers and Links are listed for Medicare Part B only.

Medicaid Chiropractic Billing

There’s plenty of misinformation out there regarding Medicare and its regulations as it relates to chiropractic services. Here are eight common misconceptions about Medicare and chiropractic billing that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has outlined. The factual explanations might surprise you.

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