Is Your Chiropractic Office Ready for Disaster? Benefits of cloud storage for chiropractic offices includes daily backups and emergency protection.

The thought of losing chiropractic office data can keep chiropractors and office administrators up at night. Whether it’s from flooding, fire, natural disasters or theft, the inability to quickly recover and restore patient records, billing information, financial documents and other critical files can result in financial peril and a dwindling patient list.

Chiropractic offices that rely on in-house servers are particularly at risk, as data takes much longer to restore – or can be lost forever. Fortunately, there is a safer and smarter alternative: cloud-based services. This option is beneficial for number of reasons, and best of all, it provides peace of mind.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Services for Chiropractic Offices

#1 No disruptions.

A chiropractic software server host will transfer your current software and data to a web server located in a remote data center. They should also maintain a secondary redundant server that runs parallel to your system. Why is that important? Because if the primary server stops functioning, the redundant server will automatically go live.

#2 Less maintenance.

If your information is being managed by a software provider and stored in a data center, it will be protected from viruses. In addition, you’ll never have to worry about Windows updates, backing up data, upgrading IT equipment, updating operating systems or scheduling server maintenance.

#3 Unlimited access.

Your doctors and administrators will have secure, 24/7 access to your software from anywhere via the internet. Having the ability to work from remote locations is priceless, and can allow for worker flexibility and higher productivity.

#4 Daily backups.

While everyone knows that backing up data is important, sometimes it just doesn’t get done – even with the best of intentions. Software and data management partners will back-up your practice data every single day, ensuring that you’ll have all your records intact, even if disaster strikes.

#5 Constant support.

In-house servers can cause headaches for already busy chiropractors and office administrators. If the system goes down or something goes wrong with your in-house server, you’re going to have to call for help. That can wreak havoc on any given business day. And that’s not taking into account other concerns like training, licensing and system security. By utilizing hosted servers, cloud storage and a reputable software management company, all of those time-consuming hassles become someone else’s problem.

Are You Ready For Disaster?

The loss of chiropractic office data can be devastating for chiropractors, office administrators and patients alike. Have you personally dealt with practice data loss before, due to fire, flooding, theft or other natural disasters? Or does your office already utilize a hosted server with cloud storage? If so, please share your stories and feedback in the space below. We’d love to hear from you.

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