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ACOM Health handles all the details of insurance claims, collections and billing, so you can get back to what matters – impacting lives.

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Streamlined Billing Process Increases Collections

Price Chiropractic Associates

Insurance Billing: From Frustrating to Stress-Free

Pinnacle Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center

Dramatically Increased Collections from Insurance Payers

Capps Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Corey Narson

Software & Billing Customer

Dr. Todd Narson

Software & Billing Customer

What our clients are saying

“ACOM Health billing software was very easy to implement, and it’s been helpful with taking daily notes. It’s also made our workflow a lot easier. Having text appointment reminders for patients has been a huge help.

We used to do our own billing, but we now have ACOM take care of it. The billing service has been the biggest benefit thus far for our practice. Communication with the billing department has been very simple, and I highly recommend ACOM Health services.”

Dr. Serif Krkic

“ACOM Health billing services and software has helped the front desk run smoother and easier, and the provider side of RAPID is great!

We like what ACOM has to offer, especially the text message and email reminders that we can send out to our patients. In addition, since there are two front desk employees, we appreciate the alerts – they help us keep everything in line and communicate with one another. I would recommend ACOM to other chiropractors.”

Mensura Krkic | Acupuncturist, Tallmadge Chiropractic

“In terms of billing, we are making more money than before, and having our own designated billing expert to talk to is amazing. Every time they help me out with something, that’s more time I can spend with patients.

With a little training, the software is easy to use, extremely compliant and very effective. I highly recommend ACOM Health to other practices.”

Dr. Alex Rogers | New Life Chiropractic Center

“Since we started with ACOM’s billing services, having peace-of-mind is the biggest perk.

The software is intuitive and user-friendly, and notes are detailed, compliant and time-saving. The scheduling system and PM are easy to learn, and incredibly helpful with keeping track of statistics and reports.”

Justin R. Turner, DC | Chiropractic Physician, Spine Life Chiropractic, LLC

“There is no way one person in a chiropractic office can keep track and know everything they need to know about insurance billing. It’s just too much for one person to handle.

Having an ACOM Health billing expert there to help means that we’re collecting more money and doing everything we can to have a successful practice.”

Eunice Fisher, Price Chiropractic Associates, Inc.

“I want to take this opportunity to express how much I, along with Dr. Hines, appreciates our biller, Fred Lamp. This young man is very knowledgeable about the software. We are impressed by his willingness to help both myself and our staff whenever the need arises. He is also very conscientious and motivated to do the best possible job for his clients. Both Dr. Hines and myself feel Fred has gone above and beyond as our biller. He is definitely an asset to ACOM Health and absolutely an asset to our Chiropractic office. Great job Fred, well done!!! I also want to say I like that the company is willing to develop individualized reports for their clients and are always working on enhancements to the software. Kudos also to IT support! Erika is always willing to walk me through developing personalized reports for our office. She is friendly and extremely helpful.”

Dr. Judy from Chiropractic Centre & Associates, Inc.

“I have worked with Lashon in the Billing Department for months. Lashon is wonderful. Lashon is detail oriented, and quick. Lashon will answer questions, and she always has a solution for any problem. Within minutes any billing question I had has been resolved. Lashon will talk to patients, if they have questions. Lashon is wonderful! I have been assured that the entire Billing Service is top notch. But Lashon is an angel! I would not want to run my practice without Lashon.

Checks keep coming to the office, I scan them, and they are applied. This saves me hours of time each week. It is all done correctly. Lashon does all the additional billing paperwork surrounding Workers’ Comp and PI. She fixes any mistakes I have made, and she is kind when she does it.”

Dr. Cortney from Caring Chiropractic

“Very professional and courteous when speaking with the employees of ACOM. They followed through with the questions I would ask, even if they didn’t know and had to get the answer, they always got back to me.”

Dr. Mark from Murphy Chiropractic Health Center, LLC

“We’ve worked with other billing services and they just didn’t know what they were doing for a practice with our patient volume. We switched to ACOM Health over four years ago and I have referred multiple practices to them, many of which followed my recommendation. I will continue to recommend ACOM Health’s software and billing service combination as the ideal chiropractic solution to my peers.”

Dr. Craig Banks, Pinnacle Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center

“The product never stops evolving. It keeps getting better and better. Our rep is a true pro and super friendly. She can help or point you to the right direction for anything you need.”

Dr. Binh from Atlanta Spine & Injury Center

“Just a quick note to say thank you to ACOM. You guys have been great. Every person we’ve dealt with has been professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and more than understanding You guys have guided us all along.  Even when we initially resisted certain suggestions, and eventually came full circle and adopted those changes, there’s never been an “I told you so”.

PS: Special shout out to Joy in professional services! You’re almost part of the family.”

Kyri Kambanis, DC from Atlas Chiropractic

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