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Dr. Mario Fucinari

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Dr. Thomas Maguire

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Dr. Dennis Fiorini

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Dr. April Dodd

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Dr. Eric Feiter

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Dr. Dan Dodd

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Dr. Harris Goldberg

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Dr. Victor Lasa

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Dr. Jeff Shebovsky

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Dr. Karen Kaplan

Software Customer

“Rapid PM and DOC are so easy to use. In the 20 years I have worked in healthcare, I have never worked with a software that was more integrated to the use of all of the staff. Rapid works from the check in process to the physician visit and thru the billing process. We have cut our work time in half allowing for more attention to our patients.”

Dr. Heather from Injury Care Centers

“We did demos with 6 total EHR companies that were specific for Chiropractors. We chose Rapid because of the high level of compliance related to medical billing, ICD 10, Medicare, etc. They constantly update the software and codes when things change. So, they have removed a lot of the headaches that come with trying your best to be compliant in an ever changing medical world. Also, the customer support is amazing! Every time we call we get our answer right away and have a personal contact too. So, we get to continue to run the business without any delays if a problem/question arises related to our software. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to purchase.”

Dr. Mark from River Hills Chiropractic Clinic

“Easy to learn and very user friendly! Scheduling, billing, posting and reports are all very efficient, accurate and professional. Definitely worth the low price (compared to other similar products). The support staff is completely helpful, friendly, available and knowledgeable. I save time and money every day my practice is open!”

Dr. Allison from Allison B. Resnick DC LLC

“Our clinic purchased the software and had our front office trained. Long story short, our office manager was resisting technology and any growth in the practice that would increase patient visits. After we became aware of the situation, ACOM was more than happy to train our new employees with as much time and dedication as had been invested in our training program when we made the initial purchase.

The software has functioned exactly as described. Because of the support from ACOM, we were able to have a college student with no medical or office background handle all the functions that the prior office manager with ten years of billing experience was doing and then some. ACOM is easy to use. The screens are intuitive and it saves a lot of employee time.”

Dr. Loreley from Tripp Chiropractic

“Overall, great functioning system and I believe it will get better and better. The training and customer support is superb. You rarely have to leave a message and often speak to an agent immediately. My rep was the best person I’ve ever had train us on a software program. She is so patient and if she doesn’t know will get you the answer.”

Dr. Daniel from Smith Chiropractic

“RAPID is an absolutely invaluable solution, from how easy it is to implement, to how robust the software is compared to systems costing thousands of dollars more. They have an outstanding customer service and tech support team, which is assigned just to our office. They have all worked well together in helping us integrate this new program. To date, there is not a single complaint to report about the product or vendor.”

Dr. Jonathan from Pavlick Chiropractic LLC

“The ability to get work done anytime, anywhere, in an organized, systematic, and secure manner has greatly improved my record keeping accuracy and efficiency. Without a doubt, this has translated to less stress about completing and maintaining detailed patient paperwork. Billing efficiency and overall reimbursement-average per claim are also increased. The training process was thorough…it does require the user to put in the time and work to learn the system, but no more so than any other competing product. We’ve been using ACOM Health RAPID Software for almost a year now, and would definitely make the same choice again!”

Dr. Juneau from Cultural Chiropractic, Inc.

“All electronic medical records program allow you to document. The difference is the ease of documenting your patient encounter, how easy is it when something different happens with a patient, how customizable is the program so your report, and notes do not look and sound like everyone else that uses the program. And, 2 of the most important aspects of a good EHR program, how is their support when problems occur and how receptive are they to suggestions for improvements from their users?

We began using ACOM Health Rapid Doc software in 2006. In 2010 we upgrades to their full office management system. This year makes it 10 years as a very pleased ACOM Health customer.

The notes/report program is very easy to use, quick and as detailed as the doctor wants it to be. I often get compliments from other physicians, attorneys and insurance adjusters on the quality and detail of my records.

Now that we opted for the cloud based version of their software, I can easily do house calls, hotel calls, yacht calls and see my athlete patients at the stadium or practice field and document easily through wifi.”

Dr. Todd from Miami Beach Family & Sports Chiropractic Center


Dr. Todd Narson

Software & Billing Customer

Dr. Corey Narson

Software & Billing Customer

“I want to take this opportunity to express how much I, along with Dr. Hines, appreciates our biller, Fred Lamp. This young man is very knowledgeable about the software. We are impressed by his willingness to help both myself and our staff whenever the need arises. He is also very conscientious and motivated to do the best possible job for his clients. Both Dr. Hines and myself feel Fred has gone above and beyond as our biller. He is definitely an asset to ACOM Health and absolutely an asset to our Chiropractic office. Great job Fred, well done!!! I also want to say I like that the company is willing to develop individualized reports for their clients and are always working on enhancements to the software. Kudos also to IT support! Erika is always willing to walk me through developing personalized reports for our office. She is friendly and extremely helpful.”

Dr. Judy from Chiropractic Centre & Associates, Inc.

“I have worked with Lashon in the Billing Department for months. Lashon is wonderful. Lashon is detail oriented, and quick. Lashon will answer questions, and she always has a solution for any problem. Within minutes any billing question I had has been resolved. Lashon will talk to patients, if they have questions. Lashon is wonderful! I have been assured that the entire Billing Service is top notch. But Lashon is an angel! I would not want to run my practice without Lashon.

Checks keep coming to the office, I scan them, and they are applied. This saves me hours of time each week. It is all done correctly. Lashon does all the additional billing paperwork surrounding Workers’ Comp and PI. She fixes any mistakes I have made, and she is kind when she does it.”

Dr. Cortney from Caring Chiropractic

“Very professional and courteous when speaking with the employees of ACOM. They followed through with the questions I would ask, even if they didn’t know and had to get the answer, they always got back to me.”

Dr. Mark from Murphy Chiropractic Health Center, LLC

“The product never stops evolving. It keeps getting better and better. Our rep is a true pro and super friendly. She can help or point you to the right direction for anything you need.”

Dr. Binh from Atlanta Spine & Injury Center



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