A dedicated project manager sets up your practice.

Your ACOM Health biller performs all insurance billing tasks.

You get back to helping your patients.

“The billing service has been the biggest benefit thus far for our practice.”

Dr. Serif Krkic

Tallmadge Chiropractic

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"There is no way just one person can keep track of everything they need to know about insurance billing. 

Having an ACOM Health billing expert means that we’re collecting more money.”

Eunice Fisher 
Price Chiropractic Associates, Inc.

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"We switched to ACOM Health over four years ago, and I have referred multiple practices to them."

Pinnacle Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center

Dr. Craig Banks

Frequently Asked Questions

All billing companies promise to increase reimbursements, what makes ACOM Health so different?

We are experts in the chiropractic software and billing field with a proven track record of increasing reimbursements. 

We have ten years of software data accumulated across thousands of chiropractor practices that has shown us how most practices flounder with insurance billing and collections - wasting millions of dollars.  

We have applied that knowledge to ensure our clients maximize their cash flow.

How much do you charge?

Percentage fees vary according to the practice, the size, and payer mix. 

But we do not get paid unless you get paid first and we only bill you once a month for the collections we have processed. 

Fill our the form above to speak with one of our Solution Consultants for all the details.

Fill out the form below to schedule a quick call with a solution consultant to find out how you can get paid faster. 

How will I know if ACOM Health Billing is really doing a good job?

You have 24×7 access to the ACOM Health RAPID software with the ability to run any of the many progress reports.

Will I have to turn over control of all billing and my money? 

Have no fear! You will always have control over your own billing and your own money.

 Your checks and EOB’s will continue to be sent to your office. All we need is the EOB or copy of the patients check for posting payments to the patients account. 

As a matter of fact, you will have more control because you will have a better handle on your billing via your qualified billing manager - a friendly, caring team member dedicated to help you when you need it.

How soon can you take on my medical practice as a client?

We can start immediately. 

Set up will only take a few days and then we can begin processing your billings and collections.

No more waiting 40+ days for insurance to pay.

No more writing off patient balances because too much time has passed after treatment

With ACOM Health, the patient billing process begins as quickly as 16 days from date of service.

Reduce Waiting Periods and Increase Monthly Income

Our U.S.-based experts use a team approach to monitor the constantly changing regulations in the chiropractic industry and make sure every detail is correct.

This gives you more time to focus on patients, not administrative functions.

A Dedicated Chiropractic Billing Expert

As an added bonus, our premiere software is included with our billing service at no additional cost. 

That is a $299/month added value to you!

Alternatively, we can also deliver our billing services using your existing software.

Fully Customizable Chiropractic EHR and PM Software

Let Us Handle Your Insurance Billing. 
You've Got Other Things To Do. 

Maximize Insurance Collections

Team of Billers 
Fighting for Every Dollar

EHR and PM 

Benefits of Chiropractic Billing Service

Let us transform your chiropractic billing from frustrating to stress-free.

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Get Paid by Insurance Faster

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Our chiropractic billing service will get you paid in 16 days.

We are your dedicated insurance billing team – fighting for every dollar you deserve.

Our U.S. based chiropractic billing service will maximize your insurance reimbursements and ensure immediate billing.