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Best Chiropractic Billing Training Ideas to Increase Revenue


Chiropractic Billing Quiz

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Articles from Chiropractic Billing Experts

Chiropractic Billing: BSBC Code 97140 Denials

Background information and BCBS claims processing protocol for chiropractors regarding code 97140. If you’re a chiropractor or in-house biller who is frustrated with denied claims, you’re not alone. We stay abreast of coding trends across the country, and are always...

Best Chiropractic Billing Training Ideas to Increase Revenue

Looking for increased revenue in your chiropractic practice? Here are billing training resources and ideas to get you on your way.Keeping track of billing requirements coding changes is one of the most tedious and frustrating elements of chiropractic...

Discontinued 2019 ICD-10 Codes for Chiropractors

ICD-10 code changes in the 2019 Myalgia series that will greatly impact chiropractors and their billing staff. Chiropractors and their billing staff are all abuzz about the 2019 ICD-10 codes. We’ve been receiving lots of questions regarding the specific code changes,...

Best Resources for Chiropractic Billing & Coding

Best chiropractic procedure code resources for better business, increased revenue, and less stress. If the mere thought of chiropractic billing and coding has you feeling a little crazy, you’re not alone. Claim denials, confusing changes and internal billing processes...

5 Tips for Chiropractic Procedure Codes

Helpful tips and resources for chiropractors and staff to improve coding, avoid audits, and increase revenue. Codes, codes and more codes. Even though they’re a part of every business day in the chiropractic documentation and billing process, they can be incredibly...

CPT Coding Question: Mechanical Traction or CMT?

This article is republished by the express written permission of ChiroCode Institute Presenting Problem Some payers are denying Mechanical Traction (CPT Code 97012) on the same date of service as the Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT 98940-98942). Findings Here...

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