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4 Ways Chiropractors Can Improve Billing Collections

If you ask chiropractors across the country to name one of the biggest problems they are facing, it’ll most likely have to do with collections - either they’re dwindling, or have remained flat for a long period of time. We get it. Our job is to help chiropractors...

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How Does Patient Registration Affect Claims Payment?

From recording your patient’s name, date of birth, and insurance policy information to obtaining details about the problem that brought them to your practice for care, thorough chiropractic patient registration is essential. During the registration process, a patient...

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How to Prepare for 2018 Medicare Card Update

Medicare begins mailing new Medicare cards in April 2018 and expects all Medicare patients to have a new card by April 2019. Patients’ current Medicare ID numbers (HICN) are based on the beneficiaries' Social Security numbers. All HICN ID’s will be replaced with a new...

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Chiropractor’s Ultimate Guide to Going Paperless

A step-by-step guide for chiropractors and office administrators to get your practice paperless. Banks are doing it. So are utility companies, school systems and hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe. “Going paperless” is a common goal for chiropractors...

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