A Business Guide for Chiropractors

You are no doubt an expert on chiropractic patient care. The contributors of this blog are successful chiropractors and business professionals who specialize in improving business operations for the chiropractic industry. Our goal is to streamline the business side of your practice so you can focus more on what you do best… keeping us all upright and pain-free.

Mastering Chiropractic SOAP Notes

Chiropractors and office staff rely on Subjective Objective Assessment Plan (SOAP) notes not only as a way to document patient’s progress, but to also ensure accuracy in coding and billing. Quite simply, they are necessary for practical office management purposes....

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Top 9 Benefits of Chiropractic Billing Software

As technology develops and evolves at lightning speed, having the right chiropractic billing software is vital for a successful practice. Not only does it enable office staff to easily maintain electronic health records, it also decreases billing and coding errors,...

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Should Chiropractors Integrate Their Practice?

How to Structure Your Medical Practice   The decision about how to structure a medical practice is a key choice, and it can be a challenging one. Working in an integrated practice offers the trade-off of an improved support system, but it also limits the personal...

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Chiropractic Billing Guide 2019

ACOM Health’s essential comprehensive coding, billing and reimbursement guide for chiropractic services. In this chiropractic billing guide, we will provide you with a guide to handle the ever-changing landscape of chiropractic billing. While we do offer a...

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