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Why is ACOM Health the answer to your chiropractic business frustrations?

Because we make running your chiropractic business easier. Because we offer superior chiropractic software plus the services of an expert billing team: an all-in-one solution. And because with our help, you’ll manage your office better and more effectively, solve your toughest billing problems, and get back to what’s the most important: your patients.

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The Top 6 Solutions for Your Business Pain Points 

Our all-in-one chiropractic management and billing solution helps you get past the pain, and back to patients.

Keep Patients Coming Back

Keep patients coming back by providing both quality experiences and care. Provide them with a smooth intake process, automated reminders, a hassle-free financial experience, and efficient office visits. At the same time, maximize their care with easy-to-create treatment plans, outcome assessments and instant alerts on patients’ issues for elevated care.

Consistent & Increased Cash Flow

Eliminate the highs and lows of monthly cash flow with efficient and consistent billing operations. Reduce accounts receivable, eliminate errors and increase collections by as much as 11.6% on every claim (this means an additional $1,160 per month for every $10,000 in insurance claims). Our team of chiropractic coding and billing experts help you add thousands to your cash flow every month.

Reduce Billing Headaches

Eliminate the hassles – and headaches – that come with never-ending changes to insurance payers and Medicare. Our team provides support and stays informed when it comes to government reforms – so you don’t have to. We’ll make sure claims are paid in an average of 20 days with minimal denials (we’ll take care of that too). And we’ll eliminate audits from “medical necessity” – every time.

Add New Patients

Quality care and office experiences will increase your rate of patient referrals. When your practice delivers unique and top-notch services – from the moment a patient schedules an appointment and walks through your door – they will tell others how great you are.

Easy Patient Notes

Enjoy preset and customizable chiropractic templates and libraries, as well as user-friendly tools, like point-and-click visual helpers and wizards. Not only will this streamline your office and patient flow, you can also go paperless (with up to 90% more efficiency). The bonus? Everything is in one place!

Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Easily secure HIPAA compliant Private Health Information (PHI) documentation without fear of audits. We’ll help you avoid red flags, and stay up-to-speed with eligibility and billing requirements.

Transform Your Daily Operations

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ACOM across the board has surpassed my EHR needs. From saving all notes and files on their servers so I do not have to back anything up, to the customer support and training, they gave when I first started using the software.
Donald | MK Chiropractic

Chicago, IL