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With our U.S. based chiropractic billing experts, there’s no more guesswork.

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Hire a Chiropractic Billing Team

With ACOM Health, clients receive payments from insurance in an average of only 16 days from date of service.

Plus, your dedicated insurance biller will maximize reimbursements – fighting for every dollar you deserve.  


Chiropractic Billing Case Study

25% Increase in Insurance Payments

A confusing and ineffective in-house billing system was costing Price Chiropractic thousands of dollars in unpaid bills.

With our help, the practice has streamlined their billing process and is seeing a dramatic 25% increase in insurance payments and paid bills.

Pains That Outsourced  Chiropractic Billing Services Can Cure

Insurance bill collections are low.

Possible causes are that payers’ requirements have changed, you’re using the wrong codes, your biller isn’t following up, or your biller is incorrectly adjusting balances.

Biller is unhappy, frustrated, overwhelmed, or inefficient.

The chiropractic billing process is complicated, confusing, and ever-changing. In-house billers are not experts, and often have many responsibilities beyond billing, such as patient management.

Current in-house biller is leaving.

It takes at least 60 days to hire and train a new internal biller. If the new hire doesn’t quickly perform well after you have invested time to find and train them, then the practice suffers from a fall in collections and cash flow.

You have high accounts receivables balances.

Typical symptoms include piles of EOBs, little time to follow up, and limited success with disputed claims.

Learn how a chiropractic billing company like ACOM Health can help reduce these issues.

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Moreover, it’s time for you to get back to what matters – impacting lives.

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Calculate Your Potential Profit in 4 Easy Steps 

If you are still not convinced, see how much more you could earn by using our Profit Calculator application:

Chiropractic Billing Service Profit Calculator by ACOM Health

Why Chiropractors Love ACOM Health

“ACOM Health has removed a lot of the headaches that come with trying your best to be compliant in an ever changing medical world. They constantly update the software and codes when things change.

The customer support is amazing! Every time we call we get our answer right away and have a personal contact, so we can run the business without any delays. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to purchase.”


River Hills Chiropractic Clinic

“There is no way one person in a chiropractic office can keep track and know everything they need to know about insurance billing. It’s impossible. Things like codes and regulations are always changing – it’s just too much for one person to handle.

Having an ACOM Health billing expert there to help means that we’re collecting more money and doing everything we can to have a successful practice.”


Price Chiropractic Associates, Inc.

“I have worked with Lashon in the ACOM Health billing department for months. She will answer questions within minutes and saves me hours of time each week.

She does all the additional billing paperwork surrounding Workers’ Comp and PI. She fixes any mistakes I have made and is kind when she does it.

I would not want to run my practice without her.”

Dr. Cortney

Caring Chiropractic

Results of Working with ACOM Health

Peace of Mind

There’s no more guesswork or hoping someone is doing the job right.
Claims are submitted, follow-up calls are made, and all due amounts are collected.

Happy Patients

Patients have complete clarity of their financial obligations.
They have confidence in the chiropractor and staff and become your best source of referrals.

Improved Productivity

The office manager’s workload is greatly reduced .
When the chiropractic billing aspect is outsourced, your staff has time to verify patient insurance, complete pre-certification forms, and collect patient balances.

Happy and Loyal Staff

Staff can focus their time on patients.
They gain time to help the chiropractor grow a successful practice. After all, helping patients should be the focus of your practice.

Let us help you increase cash flow.

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