About ACOM Health

Experts in Chiropractic Billing Services and  Software

With ACOM Health, clients receive insurance payments on an average of only 16 days from date of service.

We provide the industry’s most effective, results-oriented and comprehensive solutions for EHR, Notes, and Practice Management Software and Insurance Billings and Collections. Our award-winning software and billing services for clinical operations reduces the pain that is so often associated with administrative functions, practice operations and revenue management.

Based in Atlanta, Ga., ACOM Health, with over
1,000 chiropractic clients, our chiropractic billing services:

Maximize collections from insurance claims

Increased monthly cash flow

Include a dedicated expert billing team

Feature superior chiropractic software

Our Solutions

Chiropractic Billing Service:

Our U.S. based chiropractic billing service will maximize your insurance reimbursements and ensure immediate billing. They are your dedicated insurance billing team – fighting for every dollar you deserve.

EHR AND PM    Software:

ACOM Health’s chiropractic practice management software will instantly provide you with access to the information no matter where you are. Your practice’s productivity will increase along with the time you can spend with patients. And going paperless will improve your efficiency especially when it comes to accessing information quickly.

ACOM Health