RAPID Chiropractic EHR Software has the industry’s most comprehensive Diagnostic Notes

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EHR Software Designed Exclusively for Chiropractic

  • Structured flow to help meet medical necessity
  • Pre-set and customizable chiropractic templates and libraries
  • Balance between speed & compliance
  • Functional goals driven from outcomes assessments
  • Paperless admission
  • User friendly tools like point & click visual helpers and wizards
  • Customized clinical reports
ACOM across the board has surpassed my EHR needs. From saving all notes and files on their servers so I do not have to back anything up, to the customer support and training, they gave when I first started using the software.

Donald, MK Chiropractic
Chicago, IL

Quality documentation will positively impact the amount of revenue generated from your chiropractic billing.  The ACOM Health RAPID solution incorporates advanced EHR technology to provide you with the industry’s most comprehensive notes tool.

Our Chiropractic EHR software is another reason why ACOM’s total practice performance solution is the best investment a practice can make.

  • Increase revenue with more complete documentation
  • Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, making it easier for the doctor and staff
  • Complete all documentation, notes and reports daily
  • Greatly improve patient care and satisfaction
  • Simplify compliance with government and insurance reporting requirements
  • Reduce audit risk and protect the practice

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