Billing Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it smart for ACOM Health to manage my billing?
Industry experts agree, it’s not only smart, it’s good business to concentrate on your core competencies of quality chiropractic care and leverage an expert for billing. It’s even smarter to outsource with ACOM Health because we really do deliver more money faster with less hassle!
How does ACOM Health reduce my billing headaches and how can I benefit from your services?
Our billing experts take the heavy burden of insurance claim submission and collections and replace it with improved cash flow and more time for patient care; while eliminating your worry and time watching over your in-house billing staff.
All billing companies promise to increase reimbursements, what makes ACOM Health so different?
We are experts in the Chiropractic software and billing field with a proven track record of increasing reimbursements. Our success is attributed to over ten years of software data accumulated across thousands of chiropractor practices. The data has shown us how most chiropractic practices flounder with insurance billing and collections, and waste millions of dollars.  We have applied that knowledge to ensure our clients maximize their collections and cash flow.
How will I know if ACOM Health Billing is really doing a good job?
You have 24×7 access to the ACOM Health RAPID software with the ability to run any of the many progress reports.
Will I have to turn over control of all billing and my money?
Have no fear! You will always have control over your own billing and your own money! Your checks and EOB’s will continue to be sent to your office. All we need is the EOB or copy of the patients check for posting payments to the patients account. As a matter of fact, you will have more control because you will have a better handle on your billing via your qualified Billing Manager, a friendly, caring team member dedicated to help you when you need it.
How much do you charge?
Percentage fees vary according to the practice, the size, and payer mix. But we do not get paid unless you get paid first and we only bill you once a month for the collections we have processed. Speak with one of our Solution Consultants for all the details.
How soon can you take my medical practice on as a client?
We can start immediately. Set up will only take a few days and then we can begin processing your billings and collections.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose ACOM Health RAPID software over another product?
ACOM Health RAPID software is built just for chiropractic practices, and was designed by chiropractors, so it has the key features you want and is surprisingly easy to use. It is an integrated solution that positively impacts the chiropractor, the staff, and the patient.
What is the advantage of an integrated EHR and Practice Management software?
According to MGMA, using integrated technology like ACOM Health RAPID software can improve your overall revenue by nearly 10%.
Are there specific system requirements to use your software?
ACOM Health RAPID software is cloud-based, so all you need is a computer (PC, laptop or desktop) with a recent web browser (we recommend Google Chrome) and a high-speed Internet connection. Customers that prefer an install in the practice should follow these technical specifications: https://acomhealth.com/technical-specifications/.
Is my data secure?
Your data is 100% secure. Data is securely encrypted, stored, and backed up in the cloud. All your data being sent to and downloaded from our servers is protected with the highest industry-standard encryption. ACOM Health RAPID software is compliant with all HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.
What is involved to set up my practice and get started?
When you sign up, we will assign you a Coach who will be with you through your entire setup process. Your Coach will assist you with training and learning to use the EHR, the Patient Kiosk, the Scheduler, Appointment Reminders, the Billing and Collections center, and Reporting. In addition the Coach and Training Specialists you will always have access to training videos via your unique log on to the Customer Care Center.
What are some ways I can get familiar with the software?
Before sign up, request a demonstration with one of our Solution Consultants. After you sign up, you’ll be assigned a Success Coach who will suggest the best resources.
What is the learning curve?
Customers tell us they find the ACOM Health RAPID software very intuitive and their learning curve is surprisingly brief. We try to make it easy! Typically, it takes about 15 days from sign up to being set up, trained, and actively using key functionality in the software. However, proactive customers will tell you it can go much faster!
How do I get an existing patient and other data into the software?
ACOM Health RAPID software comes with either a Demographics Import project for your existing data or you may prefer to start with fresh data in the new clean install. Please discuss with a Solution Consultant before sign up.
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