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What Our Clients Say

When You Sign Up For Billing Services

Our ACOM Health Biller has gone above and beyond. He is very conscientious and
motivated to do the best possible job for his clients. He is absolutely an asset to our chiropractic office.


Chiropractic Centre & Associates, Inc.

I have worked with ACOM Health billing
department for months. They answer questions within minutes and save me hours of time each week.

They do all the additional billing paperwork surrounding Workers' Comp and PI. ACOM Health fixes any mistakes I have made and is kind when they do it.

I would not want to run my practice without ACOM Health.

Caring Chiropractic

Dr. Cortney

ACOM Health Chiropractic Billing Services Mean Speedy Payments

You know the sooner a patient is billed after treatment, the more likely you’ll receive full payment.

We can make that happen:

  • Our team of billing experts streamline your billing and payment cycles. 

  • A speedy receipt of insurance payment means the patient balance is calculated in record time. 

  • The patient billing process may begin as quickly as 17 days from date of service. 

Partnering with ACOM Health Will Reduce Waiting Periods and Increase Your Monthly Income

For your chiropractic practice, that means no more:

40+ DAYS

60+ DAYS


to bill patients after treatment

before following up on a claim

for insurance to pay

because too much time has passed after treatment

Writing off


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Chiropractic Practice Management Software

Software Designed Exclusively for Chiropractic Office Management


EHR access in seconds.  Focus on patient care.  Eliminate 90% of the paper in your office.
ACOM Health’s chiropractic practice management software will instantly provide you with access to the information no matter where you are. Your practice’s productivity will increase along with the time you can spend with patients. And going paperless will improve your efficiency especially when it comes to accessing information quickly.

FREE Chiropractic EHR and Practice Management Software

When You Sign Up For Billing Services

Our highly experienced and successful U.S. based chiropractic billing experts manage your insurance claims every day. 

We get you paid fast while fighting for every dollar you deserve.