The Challenge

Price Chiropractic Associates, Inc. not only needed help with a more efficient billing process, they were also dealing with office staff that was reluctant to let go of old-school practices, like the use of ledger cards and day sheets. A confusing and ineffective in-house billing system was costing the practice thousands of dollars in unpaid bills.

The Solution

The first step was for an objective staff member to gain a better understanding of discrepancies and key problems in their internal processes. The ACOM Health Insurance Billing Services and RAPID Doc EHR software and RAPID Practice Management software were fully integrated and implemented, and staff learned to utilize all its functions, working closely with ACOM Health billing experts.

The Results

Insurance payments increased by a dramatic 25%. Claims now go out properly the first time, and with the correct modifiers on the CPT codes. Thousands of dollars in unpaid bills were collected, and Price Chiropractic Associates, Inc. is experiencing a higher level of success, both in terms of revenue and patient care.

ACOM Health