Should chiropractors hire an in-house biller or partner with a team of insurance billing experts? Here’s what to consider.

When it comes to running a successful practice, chiropractors face plenty of challenges. One of the most common and worrisome involves the insurance billing process and a major hiring decision.

For instance, let’s say your in-house insurance biller of 10 years – you know, the one that handles all your claims to make sure you’re getting paid on time – is retiring at the end of the month. Now what?

When your in-house insurance billing expert leaves, it can cause panic and uncertainty. And it basically comes down to two simple questions:

  1. Do you hire and train a new employee that most likely does not specialize in chiropractic billing?
  2. Or do you hire chiropractic billing experts that will work within your existing team?

The truth is that finding an in-house chiropractic billing expert who has the time and know-how to keep up with ever-changing regulations is virtually impossible. This is why the second option – partnering with insurance billing experts – is the most effective choice. Here’s why:

You gain a team of experts with extensive experience in the chiropractic industry is more effective than one person – and there’s no training required.

You’ll save time in transitioning team members. And with a seamless transition, your office won’t suffer from downtime and decreased productivity.

There’s no need to keep up with the latest regulations. The burden of tracking all those never-ending changes will be their problem, not yours.

Your investment in a team of qualified professionals will result in immediate financial return for your practice.

Collections can increase by 10-20% year over year, depending on your current situation. In addition, any accounts receivable issues will be addressed and resolved.

Insurance billing experts specialize in getting insurance payers to pay your practice. They have a nationwide knowledge base on chiropractic-specific payer actions, fee schedules, and claims success. Their job is to eliminate the hassle of dealing with insurance payers, so you have more time to focus on what’s important – growing your practice.

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