Your patients expect a pleasurable experience the moment they step into your practice. This goes beyond the actual appointment but includes the time spent while waiting to be seen by the chiropractor. By implementing the following tips, you can make your waiting room a satisfying experience in the interim.

kiosk

Make it easy for your patients to let the staff know they’ve arrived by allowing them to sign in via tablet. This allows them to update any patient demographic or medical history before seeing the doctor.

Hospitality station

Create a station where waiting patients can grab a bottle of water, a cup of coffee, or a bag of pretzels while they wait. Patients and guests of patients can wait refreshed which will provide a more positive appointment.

Television or soft music 

Mount a flat screen television to the wall where patients can watch the news, cartoons, or whatever your patients would probably enjoy as they wait to be seen. If purchasing a television and cable is out of your office budget, get speakers and play a serene mix of music. This will create a calming atmosphere in your office.

Magazines and books

Reading magazines or a good novel is another method to help the time pass. Place a few magazines and/or books on the waiting room coffee table to allow your patients to get lost in featured stories during their wait.

Free Wi-Fi

Allow patients to use the office Wi-Fi so they can scroll through Facebook or check their email during the wait. Print and post signs that let your patients know what the Wi-Fi network and password are without having to ask the office staff.

Charging station

Let your patients be able to charge their phones and tablets by strategically placing outlets and/or wall chargers in the waiting room. Post a sign in the waiting room that tells your patients that your practice has chargers available for use as they wait.

Short wait times

Do not make your patients wait a long time to be seen. Even if you allow walk-ins into your practice, make sure your patients with appointments are the priority. No one likes to spend more time waiting than actual time spent with their chiropractor.

The waiting room experience sets the tone for the actual appointment. By implementing these tips, you are well on your way to creating an outstanding waiting room for your patients.

ACOM Health