In today’s hyperconnected digital world, there are vast opportunities for chiropractors to market themselves and grow their reputations. To name a few techniques, you could start a blog, post videos regularly on social media or create a mobile app that provides chiropractic tips.

In particular, the following methods can be really effective at boosting chiropractic brands.

Start Speaking

All kinds of organizations are in search of reasonably priced, informative speakers for conferences, workshops, training sessions and other events. Those groups include corporations, churches and colleges.

Of course, before you can begin speaking, you need something to say. Organize your thoughts into a speech that lasts about half an hour. Try to write in your natural, conversational voice, and rely on simple sentences and everyday vocabulary. Include plenty of useful tips and specific examples, including funny anecdotes from your career experiences.

Practice your lecture in front of friends and family members. Moreover, video yourself so you can see if you need to work on your enunciation, gestures or something else.

When you feel ready, start booking yourself for speaking engagements. Ask people you know if they’re aware of a group that’s seeking speakers, and scour the internet ― including online directories ― for such associations. Once you’ve delivered quite a few speeches, you might even get accepted into a speakers bureau.

Write a Book

You might expand your speech into a book or e-book. You could write it yourself, collaborate with an experienced author or hire a ghostwriter. Decide which topics each chapter should address, and rely on research and your own knowledge to flesh out those subjects. Again, a plainspoken style and some humorous stories should make your work engaging.

After you’ve formatted and uploaded your e-book onto websites like Amazon ― or once you’ve found a publisher that will release hard copies ― market your work through social media. Also, contact local TV and radio stations to see if they’ll interview you.

Enter the World of E-Commerce

You might sell chiropractic supplies online. Just register a domain name, and hire someone to create and optimize your website. Or, if you have a flair for web design, you could handle those tasks yourself. On this site, place compelling images of products as well as videos that demonstrate how they’re used. With an e-commerce platform, you can introduce your office to potential new customers.

As a chiropractor or chiropractic staff member, you might never have imagined yourself as a speaker, author, salesperson or app developer. However, those roles will let you connect with many more people and spread information that can prevent and reduce pain. Ultimately, you’ll improve lives as you improve your brand.

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