Working with a spouse can be very rewarding, particularly in the context of a chiropractic setting. Shared practice goals and a mutual appreciation of each other’s respective professional roles can definitely add to the foundation of a solid practice. But that does not always translate positively at work. Conflicting views and miscommunicated opinions can wreak havoc on your business relationship–not to mention your personal one!

Communication is essentially the backbone of a healthy working partnership. Problems in communication profoundly disrupt the functioning of your business. Consider the following three points to ensure beneficial and healthy communication practices between you and your spouse.

1. Documenting Practices

Many disagreements are based on memory. One person remembers one thing, the other person recalls something else. Because memory is so unreliable, documentation is a habit well worth getting into. Keeping brief, clear notes only takes seconds of time and can save hours of backtracking later.

2. Defining Boundaries

The clearer a boundary you can set between work and home, the better. Even if your home can’t be entirely free from business concerns, make sure to set aside time where you don’t talk about the practice. Allow your home to be a safe place to unwind, relax and turn off work-related worries. Likewise, aside from emergencies, try not to bring your personal life into the office.  This is key, as the hours spent at the office working do not constitute “together” time.

3. Setting Goals

What is your vision for your business, and is it aligned with your spouse’s vision? Sitting down regularly and checking in with each other will make sure you are both on the same page and your business is adapting and growing with changing conditions. Don’t assume you are both seeing eye-to-eye, but sit down and build consensus together. Meeting quarterly to look at the big picture can help chart a steady course for your business and help you tweak your methods.

Working with your loved one can be challenging, but it can also alleviate other stressors and ultimately give you more control over your business. By applying these tips, you will hopefully improve your practice and professional and personal relationship.

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