See how Chiropractic Software can help you create crystal-clear, coding-verified reports that get you paid in full, fast, without dictation and transcription.

You should read this article if:

  • You spend valuable family and professional time dictating reports
  • Transcription costs are eating away at your bottom line
  • You are constantly defending your charges to third party payers

Streamlining the Practice with Automated Chiropractic Documentation Software

Chiropractors often face more issues than do traditional health care providers. Many of these issues relate to unique demands to establish “medical necessity” with comprehensive and precisely coded documentation – a process still executed manually throughout much of the field.

Does this sound like your situation:

  • Regulatory issues
    State and local agencies have a full menu of practice requirements, complemented by Federal measures like HIPAA.
  • Reimbursements/ collection
    Because chiropractic enlists the body’s natural healing propensities, it can be difficult to convince traditionally oriented payers of its efficacy
  • Reporting requirements
    Insurance companies increasingly demand more detail, including complete history and physical examination
  • Medical examinations
    Outside payer consultants consume valuable time and often force compromises, particularly when documentation is vague or incomplete.
  • Administrative and transcription/or costs
    These can consume hundreds of dollars per month, with errors and delayed deliveries often creating additional problems.

Manual clinical documentation and reporting typically consumes one in every five of the typical chiropractor’s working days.

Ending a nightmare with automation

Fortunately, automated chiropractic-specific solutions can now address the full spectrum of chiropractic office documentation issues and set you on the way to an automated, paper-free office environment.

A prominent example is Rapid Complete, an end-to-end chiropractic office solution that integrates EHR and documentation software with a companion practice management solution. The file is opened with the patient’s basic information at the time of the initial contact. The patient self-registers while he/she waits for the doctor, recording symptoms, reason for the visit and personal history. The electronic patient file grows automatically with each visit and treatment.

Complexity made simple

In the examining room, the doctor proceeds through a succession of interactive computer screens as he/she explores the patient’s self-described symptoms. For example, the system can display a diagram that indicates the specific vertebra and/or muscle involved with the pain point.

“Clicking” on the spot sends associated text automatically to the file.  If elaboration is necessary — such as duration or level of pain — checklists with timetables or pain levels are available. Their associated text also becomes part of the file. Doctors can randomize the text blocks, recast them in their own words, modify them on the fly, and enter handwritten notes on the interactive screen.

The data is stored automatically along with photos, x-rays, diagrams, etc. that have been scanned into the system. All of the material is available for both final and outcomes assessment reports that can be submitted electronically or generated as printed copies.

The Value

Automated chiropractic software impacts professional and business problems in powerful ways.

  • Timely submission
  • Clarity and consistency
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Diagnostic accuracy and specificity
  • Freedom from errors
  • Coding and compliance confirmation

Chiropractic software allows doctors to submit their final reports the very day treatment concludes. Structured to guide analysts through the approval process quickly and convincingly, the documents encourage uncontested payment. And with automatic report generation directly from the electronic patient file, costs and delays of transcription vanish.

Patient retention

One of the best ways to support the need for periodic revisits is through a straightforward review of the problem, treatment plan and progress, and prognosis. A variety of outcomes assessment reports are available to support the doctor-patient discussion.

Turn clinical documentation into a positive. Automating clinical notes and documentation saves up to one-fifth of a DC’s professional time, expedites reimbursements, and improves cash flow.

Bottom line

Better income; more time for family life, recreation and professional development.

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