The ICD-10 guidelines and implementation has changed again! Learn the rules and regulations of coding and documentation pertaining to the diagnosis. Documentation has moved beyond lumbago and cervicalgia. Don’t be left in the past. We will examine how to effectively diagnose your patients, look for the red flags in coding, better utilize the coding guidelines and ways to check your progress in proper coding.

What you will learn:
• Top methods to evaluate your ICD-10 usage
• Utilization of the ICD-10 coding guidelines
• How the wrong codes will get you in trouble

Topics to Be Covered:
• Increased Specificity in ICD-10 Coding
• ICD-10 Coding Rules for 2019
• Coding of the Subluxation
• The Hierarchy and Sequencing of Diagnosis Code

Listen to this 30 minute webinar recording by Dr. Mario Fucinari.

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