Normally, new patients provide you with a lot of information when they start coming to your practice. They tell you their address, contact information, and medical history. Usually, they’ll provide the contact information to their other physicians as well.

This creates the perfect chance to establish a professional relationship with other medical professionals.

But first, you need to create an environment where other physicians recognize you and your practice. Start by sending a narrative to all of the patients’ doctors within the first three days of their first visit. And be consistent. When your patient returns for a follow-up appointment or for a new issue, continue to send these progress reports to their other physicians.

Once the relationship has been established, you have to maintain it. Physicians will begin to know who you once you begin to regularly follow-up after patient appointments. Go the extra mile by sending thank you notes that includes your diagnosis and treatment plan for every new patient. Even mailing or emailing a holiday card to them will go a long way.

Keeping a clear line of communication between your practice and your patients’ other physicians’ offices is the main route to a mutually beneficial relationship with other doctors.  Once you’ve gotten your foot in the door, this could lead to referrals, educational partnerships, and other opportunities to grow and strengthen your brand.

Also, you can refer patients back to physicians you know and trust by creating and printing a suggested doctors list that one can grab as they go to the front desk. Put this same list on your website and social media accounts so your patients can always use it as a resource.

The chiropractic-adult medicine physician relationship is a crucial one to ensure that any patient that walks into your practice receives the best care. So reach out to your patients’ other doctors and begin to reap the benefits.

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