Though we often receive feedback from happy customers, it’s rare when that feedback is so complete as the letter from Dr. Pirner we received last week.

Dr. Pirner does a great job bringing to light  the benefits of implementing ACOM Health’s RAPID EHR in her practice, and even talks to her experience meeting the EHR stimulus criteria for proving meaningful use.

Thank you Dr. Pirner, and we hope reading about your experience is helpful to other DCs. It’s clear you’ve seen that the benefit implementing an EHR system goes far beyond the $44,000 in incentives provided by the ARRA stimulus.

Dear ACOM Health/ Rapid;

I would like to personally thank you for your product, it has saved me time, increased my collections, and reduced my staff costs!

I no longer worry, if every note will pass all the criteria required for Medicare, and insurance work, and I have 1 – 2 hours per day in time savings, vs. hand written notes. The new system of billing Rapid, has given me a 2 – 4% increase in collected revenue, with less error in posting, and reducing staff payroll by eliminating payroll time spent, retrieving, and filling files.

The staff and I have met the meaningful use criteria with little effort. Thanks to the educational videos, which you can use to instruct your staff in meaningful use, and system training, which has saved me time, and mental health as a doctor also.

My patient files, and reports, are printable at the push of a button. And I know they are of equal quality to any facility or health care professional in the country.

My Medicare patients have adapted readily, and with little complaints. Several exclaimed, “Why my (cardiologist) is on the new electronic records.” And I take that opportunity, to let them know their medical records are secure and safe even if a tornado hit the clinic, unlike the old paper notes. And I can communicate with any doctor with a push of a button.

Thank you for surpassing my expectations in your software product. I am usually slow to change, but this has been such a positive one. And the icing on the cake will be a check from the government for making it.


Dr. Janie Pirner BA, DC, DABCI

ACOM Health