Date & Time: June 7th at 1:00 pm

Presented by Dr. CJ Mertz

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Dr. CJ Mertz, international chiropractic coach and success leader, will show you how to significantly increase your collectable revenue through successfully presenting and closing on care plans with patient financing. You’ll discover how to use a care plan for patient decision-making and acceptance, how to drive conversions using treatment plans and patient payment plans, and how to maximize the benefits of building confidence and structure for your staff and everyone who meets with patients.

Don’t miss this informative presentation by Dr. CJ Mertz

Coach CJ’s patient education and communication systems inspire his patients to continue beyond corrective care plans into proactive wellness care. Through an outpouring of peer requests worldwide, Dr. CJ Mertz founded The Waiting List Practice.  Since 1984 he has traveled almost four million miles, teaching more than 700 seminars, and has trained with nearly 16,000 doctors while visiting over 3,600 private practices all over the globe.

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