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Chiropractic Practice Management Software to Solve Your Toughest Issues

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Chiropractic Practice Management Software to Solve Your Toughest Issues

  • Complete patient tracking
  • Personalize schedules by provider, resource and location
  • Paperless patient admission
  • Complete electronic billing & collections functionality
  • Full cash patient automation
  • Auto-posting of insurance payments
  • Standard and customized reporting to meet all your office needs
  • Scalable: The software grows as you grow!
Rapid PM is so easy to use. In the 20 years I have worked in healthcare, I have never worked with a software that was more integrated to the use of all of the staff. Rapid works from the check in process to the physician visit and thru the billing process. We have cut our work time in half allowing for more attention to our patients.

Heather, Injury Care Centers
Jacksonville, FL

RAPID Chiropractic Practice Management Software delivers smoother operations seamlessly from patient registration through scheduling and billing. The more productive and efficient we make your office for the staff and doctor, the more revenue your practice generates.

ACOM Health’s Practice Management brings office management tools that will streamline your front and back office functions.

  • Greatly reduce your workload by automating repetitive tasks
  • Increase your collections with improved accuracy and reduce denials/ errors
  • Eliminate 90% or more of the paper in your office
  • Focus on what really matter: your patients’ care

The Right Solution for your entire practice

For Doctors
  • Instantly access any information from anywhere
  • You and your staff will simply get more done
  • Enjoy a paperless practice
  • Most importantly, spend more time with your patients and provide the best care

For Staff
  • Instantly access patient and financial information
  • Reduce data entry so you can focus on more valuable tasks
  • Be more productive and stress free
  • Easily track and manage patient appointments and doctor schedules
  • Interactive billing dashboard to easily work Accounts Receivable

For Patients
  • Enhances the overall patient experience
  • Peace of mind from identity theft with secure Private Health Information (PHI)
  • Less patient frustration with increased data accuracy
  • Paper-free experience with easy point-and-click questionnaires, with bilingual support

For Your Practice
  • Increased collections and faster payment posting
  • Increased productivity without increased labor cost
  • Reduced data entry and improved accuracy
  • Drastically improved efficiency in practice operations
  • Secure HIPAA compliant Private Health Information (PHI)

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