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In this webinar, we discussed what security measures are considered best practices for your medical office. One size does not fit all and we discussed the differences. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) may not randomly stop by your office and ask what technical security you have in place, however; if you suffer a data breach they will look at all aspects of what you have or more importantly what you do not have.

View this informative presentation by Suze Shaffer and Phil DuMas.

Suze Shaffer is a HIPAA Security Analyst with Aris Medical Solutions. Suze was a comptroller for 15 years. In 2009 she started a Practice Management Solutions company and realized the struggle practices were having with HIPAA compliance and Meaningful Use. Suze has spoken at numerous functions to educate the medical industry on how to adhere to HIPAA and ultimately Protect Patient Data and which tools to use to meet State and Federal regulations.

Phil DuMas is a Network and Cyber Security expert with more than 25 years of experience. In 2001 Mr. DuMas founded, grew and later sold The Octurnis Corporation, a firm focused on network security and data forensics. In 2006 Mr. DuMas joined The Cybrix Group as the CTO. The company become a member of the Fast 50 focused on cyber security. In 2015 Mr DuMas was instrumental in the founding of Bellcurve Technology, a spin-off of Cybrix. Mr DuMas serves as a visiting Professor at USF and is the Executive Director for the not-for profit National Center for Cyber studies.

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