If you’re hesitant to make the switch to an all-in-one software solution for your chiropractic office, the risk of downtime could be much lower than you think. In fact, the time needed to get your staff fully up to speed could also be less of a cost and time commitment.

Studies of EHR technologies consistently demonstrate that health organizations can achieve meaningful gains in efficiency after adoption. However, effective training is crucial to unlock benefits. Dedicating several hours to a “training day” or afternoon spent with a customized, on-site learning session can set your staff up for satisfaction and success.

Why a Training Day Is a Key to Success

Your practice needs to be able to operate smoothly from the day the software is implemented. As a relatively small business, you’re not able to plan for a multi-day transition. While closing your doors on a weekday afternoon to train your staff isn’t free, it’s an important way to enhance your staff’s knowledge and skills before you make the switch.

Technology executive Alan Robertson emphasizes that training will drive the most value if it’s tailored to your organization’s needs, which means your employees should expect to spend the session learning how to use the parts of the software that benefit their role. Evidence indicates that dedicating a few hours to training won’t only reduce mistakes when you go paperless, it can also yield cultural benefits:

  • Better job satisfaction
  • Higher motivation
  • Less employee turnover

Training Days Yield Dividends

There’s an immediate benefit to a training day. Once you’ve switched to your new tools for practice management, you’ll have less risk of employee errors. However, it’s also a massive tool for employee happiness. One survey revealed that for 35 percent of the working population, employee training quality is a key factor in job-related decisions.

Your patients may not know that you’ve invested in a training day, but they will notice that communication feels seamless. They’ll appreciate the fact it’s faster than ever to make appointments, check-in or pay their balance. If you’re using managed billing services, your balance sheets could also benefit significantly from 98 percent first-time claim payments.

Training Isn’t Free. But It’s Important.

For any small business owner, the idea of shutting the doors for four or eight hours to train staff can feel overwhelming. However, the potential financial, compliance and reputational benefits you could gain from a seamless technology change-over are likely to far outweigh the costs.

For some larger health practices, the average savings from an all-in-one solution can equal $45,000 a year or more. The hours dedicated to enhancing your staff’s knowledge will quickly translate into time saved, fewer errors and far fewer risks.

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