Dorel Radivoj DC

Dorel Radivoj DC

Services Manager

There are many reasons why ACOM Health knows what works best for chiropractic offices, and one of them is that Dorel Radivoj is part of the team. With extensive professional experience in the chiropractic industry – over 27 years worth – he has served as everything from a practicing chiropractor, a clinical instructor at Life University, and a manager of a team of chiropractors and nurses providing medical training and audit support for an Auto insurance carrier’s claims department. A graduate of Life University, he has a unique perspective on the challenges faced by those within the profession, and hopes to use his vast knowledge to help customers and colleagues learn more and forge better paths.

Dorel has been with ACOM Health since 2008, and is currently Services Manager. He is responsible for meeting client software and training needs.

Outside of work, Dorel enjoys vacationing at the beach in Port Orange, Fla., attending football or baseball games, or simply having dinner and spending time with his wife, Cathy, and sons Jonathan and Nicholas. He also has a knack for working with his hands, having watched his father flip houses while growing up. Whether it’s building a piece of furniture or fixing things around the house, he’s sure to have a do-it-yourself project keeping him busy.

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