Technical Specifications


Front Desk / Staff: Standard Computers
DC / Provider and Patient Kiosk: Tablet PC or Touch Screen PC is recommended

Operating System:Windows Operating System Only: Windows 10, (Not Supported: Windows RT; Windows 10 S-Mode)
CPU/Processor: 2+ GHz recommended
RAM/Memory: 8 GB RAM (minimum)
Hard Drive/Storage: 5 GB of Free Hard Drive Space
Network Interface Card: Ethernet Card or Wireless Network Card
Software: MS Word 2007 or higher, full seat license, needed for all DC / Provider Workstations and Patient Kiosk Workstations
Internet Browser:
Supported:Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Firefox
Unsupported: Edge
Internet Service: 15 Mbps or higher (download)**, ** Recommended for optimal Support/Training connectivity, to check your bandwidth visit

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