You’ve heard of Instagram. Your kids have an account. You know most celebrities are on it. Heck, you might even have one, too. You’re fully aware of its popularity and how big brands are using it as a part of their digital marketing strategies. But now you’re considering bringing this into your chiropractic practice.

Stop right there.

Before you create an account and hand the responsibility off to your office manager, there are a few questions you should consider first.

What is the purpose of this account?

Is this going to be an opportunity to share behind-the-scenes moments at your practice or are you just adding another social media account to your roster? Put together a basic social strategy that details the meaning of the account and types of posts your practice will share.

Who will manage the account?

The person that will regularly post to your Instagram account should be familiar with social media. They need to be aware of trends and engage with them as it fits your chiropractic brand. This person should also have enough time to regularly post to the account. Though it doesn’t take long to upload a photo, selecting the right photo and message should be a calculated decision.

How often will the account get updated?

You don’t have to update your account every single day but you need to have a general schedule in place. Stick with the same days every week or make a recurring alert within your desktop’s calendar to remind you when to post.

What audience are you trying to reach?

Instagram is a great way to gain followers from all over the world but is that your goal for this account? Is this a way to engage with local, potential patients in your area or adding more personality to the brand your patients already know and enjoy? Deciding what audience you want to reach might eliminate the need for an account in the first place.

How will this fit into your current marketing strategy?

If your strategy included reaching out to a younger audience or filling out your practice’s online presence, then rolling out an Instagram account for your practice makes sense. Evaluate how much money this account will cost in terms of advertising and decide if it’s worth it.

How will you avoid HIPAA violations?

Your patients trust you and your practice. And though you might mean well, highlighting sensitive moments can put your office in hot water. Make sure that you get the permission of your patients before posting anything that could compromise their safety, privacy, and health.

What is benefit of following account?

Will your Instagram followers get a discount for following or a sneak peek into the background of the office? Your account has to add some value so consider that when you think about future posts.

Starting a new marketing tool, especially a social media account, requires thought and foresight to be successful. Consider the questions above and decide if you have the time, energy, and resources to honestly create and maintain an Instagram account.

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