1. Please Explain the line item on my invoice
  • Software Maintenance Service and Support Software updates with new product functionality and bug fixes: unlimited access to the Support Desk for software related technical issues and software how to questions; and unlimited access to the online Customer Care Center resources. Software maintenance does not include software training; IT installation services such as updating or installing software; IT troubleshooting services such as networking, hardware, non-ACOM software issues; nor software functionalities and modules that were not purchased.
  • [/RAPCOM] RAPID Complete (EMR & EPM software) – ACOM Health’s RAPID Chiropractic Software Suite consisting of Clinical Documentation and Notes, and Practice Management for Billing, scheduling, patient management, and reporting.
  • RAPID EMR – Electronic Medical Records software for maintaining patient charts digitally.
  •  RAPID EPM – Practice Management & Scheduling software for Billing, scheduling, patient management, and reporting
  •  [/EMRKEE] RAPID EMR Kiosk Module – (Interactive Patient Kiosk via tablet or touch screen monitor)Patients Check-in; Read and Sign Documents; and Enter Medical History and their Complaints via an easy to use graphical input.
  • [/STIM] RAPID Stimulus Certification Module – (Required for Government Meaningful Use) Includes: Meaningful Use Dashboard, Clinical Decision Support & Lab Findings, Electronic exchange of Patient Records, and Drug/Allergy Interaction.
  •  [/DRFLTD] Dr First Limited Provider License – (Required for Government Meaningful Use). A third party software license required for each DC attesting to Meaningful Use.
  •  [/PORTAL] RAPID Patient Portal – (Required for Government Meaningful Use). A third party software license required for each DC attesting to Meaningful Use.
  •  [/PORTAL1] RAPID Patient Portal Add’l – (Required for Government Meaningful Use).Patient Portal license for additional providers in the practice attesting to Meaningful Use
  •  [/IMPU] Impulse Adjusting Tech Module – Functionality in RAPID EHR software to support users of the Impulse Adjusting Instrument from Neuromechanical Innovations
  • [/MA5L] SQL Workgroup Server Runtime (License) RAPID Software – requires the SQL License to function on the server.
  • [/MA5N] SQL Wrkgrp CAL RT add’l User (License) RAPID Software – requires the SQL License to function on each workstation.
  • [/RAPHOS] RAPID Server Hosting – (Hosted Server and Data Management) ACOM Health manages a hosted cloud server to run and support your RAPID Software as an alternative to you self-managing your RAPID Software on an in-house server. It includes secure backup of data and a mirror server ready to take over operations if the primary server fails.
  • [/RAPPAT] RAPID Patient Demographics – enables new patients to click a button on your website and then submit their demographic and insurance information from the comfort of home prior to their first visit.

2. Is there an hourly support program instead of an annual maintenance agreement?
There is no hourly support offered. All clients must have an annual software maintenance license to receive assistance.

3. Can I reduce the annual Software Maintenance agreement because only one doctor is using the product?
Annual Maintenance is a flat rate fee per practice location.

4. What payment plans are available for Software Maintenance?
Software Maintenance can be paid in full, semi-annually, or quarterly. Please contact the accounting department for payment arrangements.

5. Why do I incur additional fees for RAPID software modules?
ACOM Health’s optional new functional modules are not part of the core RAPID software system required to run your practice. For example, the Appointment Reminders and Email Marketing optional module is an alternate to a more expensive third party software solution.

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