Mark Firmin

Mark Firmin

General Manager

What are Mark Firmin’s biggest passions? As General Manager of ACOM Health and Senior Vice President of ACOM Solutions, Inc. (the ACOM Health parent company), he’s all about achieving business goals, and making sure customers and employees are successful. And no matter what, he is always focused on building, growing and producing worthwhile results.

With over 24 years of experience, Mark began his career with ACOM Health in 2008. He is responsible for the company’s P&L, and thrives on supporting and empowering his management and employee teams. He has previously held various senior executive management roles in diverse industries, and successfully created productive revenue-generating teams, and mergers and acquisitions of multiple businesses. In addition, he built and sold a software development company from the ground up.

But Mark isn’t just about business. Outside of work, you might find him cycling, swimming, or on stage with fellow amateur performers. In fact, during the Halloween season, he transforms into an 18th century English tour guide for a local haunted house. Mark has been recognized as a member of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, and the American Medical Billing Association.

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