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Pain Free Business Solutions

Our chiropractic billing clients experience relief from confusing commercial and government payer processes and ever-changing rules. They also benefit from:

Increased collections by 11.6% year-over-year.

Increased monthly cash flow.

Reduced account receivables to negligible percentages.

Decreased overhead and operating costs.

The Total Package


A Dedicated Expert Billing Team

A team of chiropractic coding and billing experts who know the ever-changing regulations in the chiropractic industry and will ensure every detail is correct. This gives you more time to focus on patients, not administrative functions. What else? No more coding errors and audit exposure.

Superior Chiropractic Software

Our certified EHR and Practice Management chiropractic software is included with our billing service at no cost. Alternatively we will deliver billing services using your existing software.

Seamless Integration

An integrated billing, collections and software solution means your practice runs smoothly for the Chiropractor, Staff, and Patients.

Transform Your Daily Operations

with Total Practice Performance

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Already Have a Biller?

The majority of practices assume an on-staff billing team is more cost effective than using a specialist. But this is not always the case.  Did you know?

Many billers:

  • Don’t realize 1/3 of claims are paid incorrectly by insurance payers compared to the contracted rate.
  • Have no time to or do not know how to follow up on a denied claim.
  • Are slow to bill to secondary and tertiary payers after the initial insurance claim is submitted.
  • Are slow to calculate patient’s payment responsibility.

What’s the result? Claims are significantly underpaid, delayed or no collections on some balances due.

Commercial and Government rules are constantly changing.  The challenge?  It’s almost impossible for a single biller to have access to all the information to stay abreast of change.

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ACOM Health consultants are ready to give you the answers.

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