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#1 Most Automated and Easy-to-Use Software in 2020

Automate Your Practice to Make More Money

100% Web-Based

  • No hardware to maintain or update ever 
    (On-premise option available) 
  • 24/7 quick and easy access
  • Secure HIPAA compliant Private Health Information 
  • Protect your charts from fire, theft, flooding and natural disaster 
  • Scalable: The software grows as you grow

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Unlimited RAPID Cloud Software workstations

  • Work for every office, no matter the size
  • Ideal for multi-location clinics.
    feature electronic
  • Patient check-in integration.


24/7 Support



Easy-to-Learn Software

Premier Support and Setup

  • Successfully implement scheduler, EHR, cash payments and claims processing in just 2 weeks 
  • A dedicated project manager to oversee the transition from the old to the new  
  • An ACOM Health Chiropractor assigned to support the doctor’s training and implementation of EHR

“ACOM Health is the ONLY company that allows me to customize the program the way I need
...and I checked out them all.”

Dr. Mark A. Shader

Automation Means More Money

Chiropractic Templates & Charts

  • Preset and customizable chiropractic templates and libraries 
  • User-friendly tools, like point and click visual helpers and wizards 
  • Documentation that instantly populates the correct billing codes

One-stop Shop for Chiropractic Management

Automated Patient Communications

  • Text and email appointment reminders that allow patients to message you back 
  • Increased patient visit retention
  • Marketing drip messages that can be automatically sent as early as six hours after a new patient appointment and scheduled as far as a year in advance. 
  • Email and text message blasts that can be sent to your entire database, and used to educate or advertise services or special events. 

Online New Patient Registration

  • Get new patient demographics right the first time
  • Make sure insurance information is complete and correct 
  • Reduce patient time in the waiting room

Expert Chiropractic Billing Service

  • Full cash patient automation. 
  • Automatic posting of insurance payments. 
  • Increased collections and faster payment posting